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What does “Pickup Service” mean?

You have to pick up the PhotoBooth at the nearest collection point. You can pick up the PhotoBooth once your reservation has been confirmed. You must return it once the celebration is over in accordance with the provisions of the package that you have purchased.

What does “Delivery Service” mean?

We take the PhotoBooth to where the wedding celebration takes place.

What are the advantages of Vip Service?

A complete guarantee service. You won’t have to worry about anything. A technical Operator from the nearest Company to your Event will take the PhotoBooth, deliver it and will setup and entertain your guest.

You will have technical assistance throughout the event and they will advise on how to customize the session with the PhotoBooth. With this option you will be absolutely certain that memories will be created.

After the wedding the operator will collect the PhotoBooth and return it to the office.

The photos and the quality:
Do you provide high quality photos?

PhotoBooths from all associated companies to PhotoBooth Alliance have a high final photo quality. The print result is impeccable in all its formats, as well as the virtual photos available on The Cloud, to be shared via social networks.

Will I need to have another wedding photographer?

It’s not essential to hire a photographer for the wedding if you choose de PhotoBooth option. With the PhotoBooth you get a full report that includes the funniest moments of the wedding with all participants, a scrapbook dedicated for guests and the USB with a compilation of all photographs and video captured during event, it’s a secure copy. If you want to hire another photographer it's also a good combination, the result will be more complete, the PhotoBooth allows you take funnier photos and maybe the photographer take more formal photos. Two styles blend perfectly and give you a more fulfilled experience.

Does the PhotoBooth keeps a copy of all wedding photos?

All photos captured during the session are stored on a USB that we will give away to bride and groom once the event is finished.
Apart from this USB, if the PhotoBooth is connected to Internet, the photos will automatically be uploaded to a virtual space (Cloud) where you can view or share them via social networks.

Photos and more:
Is Video recording possible?

These PhotoBooths have the ability to record video messages. Guests will devote some words to the Bride and Groom. A beautiful memory that will be recorded for a lifetime.

Can I upload the photos taken in PhotoBooth on my Facebook?

The photos taken with the PhotoBooth will be stored in a virtual space (Cloud) from which it is possible to share them by email, Facebook and twitter.

How PhotoBooth connects with Internet?

You can connect the PhotoBooth via Ethernet or wireless and upload all the photos taken during the wedding.

Can I share the taken photos through social networks?

You can download the photos on any Internet-connected device, email them and share them via Facebook and Twitter. In addition, in the cloud you will find animated Gifs with your photos and the recorded videos during the event, which can be shared on social networks.
You can customize totally this virtual space, look at this example and see how it works.

Customize the PhotoBooth and your photos:
What can I customize?

Best Rental PhotoBooth offers a complete customization of all elements from the PhotoBooth.
You can customize the PhotoBooth with decals: you can put the name of the couple, make a design with the theme of the wedding, or the style you want.
PhotoBooth screens can also be customized with unique designs or welcome messages or dedications for guests.

You can customize the music, enter the song you like.
Photos can be decorated with frames or custom designs, name and date of the couple or artwork that you wish. It will be a nice souvenir for attendees.
The strips can be printed with the logo on the last frame.

The photos have a printed lateral text where you can put the date and name of the couple or the event.
The Cloud where all photos are hosted ( and from where they can be shared to social networks, can also be fully customized. Customizing the background, animated banner and a title for your event are all possibilities.

Will I have a photo album?

Printing is instantaneous so that guests can make extra copies of the photos and paste them in the Scrapbook with a dedication. A beautiful and original souvenir to appreciate for life.
Furthermore the entire collection of photographs will be recorded digitally on the UBS and will be delivered to you.

Will I have a security copy of all my photos?

Yes, the entire collection of photos will be recorded digitally and we will deliver it to you on an USB.

What would be the transport Price?

Each service has a stipulated price. If transport is needed for your event then choose Delivery service and from there you can see the price mapped.

How can you transport the PhotoBooth?

Each model has certain measurements. The more compact and lighter PhotoBooths can fit in an ordinary vehicle, and for the bulkiest ones a van will be necessary.
See PhotoBooth measurements in the description of the selected product.

PhotoBooth can be transported with a trailer?

Yes, the dimensions of the trailer shall be appropriate for every PhotoBooth. See PhotoBooth measures in the description of the selected product.

The PhotoBooth location during the Event:
Can I place it anywhere?

The ultraportable PhotoBooths make it easy the constantly change placement and locations. It only needs a place provided with electricity (you could install a generator if the PhotoBooth goes in a natural environment), to make possible power source for the PhotoBooth.

Does the PhotoBooth take up a great deal of space?

The dimensions of the ultra-compact PhotoBooths are very small, they fit in small areas.
You can put a table with accessories, props and the Scrapbook near the PhotoBooth. You will have to consider this space for the location.

Could the PhotoBooth be outdoors?

The PhotoBooth needs an electronic connection, so the system cannot get wet. However, once careful it can be placed outdoors, at gardened areas, or wherever you want.

Is it possible moving the PhotoBooth to different areas during the event?

PhotoBooths for events are designed to be easy mobility and being able to be placed in any area. Some models have wheels for easier movement, so you can capture the different environments of your wedding.

Does the PhotoBooth fits in any ground?

Any ground is good to place the PhotoBooth, the only requirement is to have a power point, and alternatively (if it is in a natural space) a generator will be needed to provide electricity to connect the PhotoBooth.

Wedding favor:
Should I use photos as a Wedding favor?

It's a good idea to use the photos as a wedding favor, because they can be personalized with the name of the bride and groom, the date of the event and a special design that reminds every one of the wedding day.

Are there any accessories included in the PhotoBooth rental?

There are packages that you can book during the order that include props so guests can dress up with hats, glasses, mustaches, mouths and other accessories at the time of the photo.

Is it possible to create a stage with decorations?

It's a good idea to think about a theme decorated; simply a panel with a nice design can give a good effect to the final photo.
On many occasions the beauty of the natural landscape may be the best decorated. You decide!

Is it possible to create a Photocall reception?

PhotoBooth can act as photocall and make formal photos of the ceremony.
Place it in a nice area and have the guests go posing for the photo of rigor.

The guests and PhotoBooth:
How many people can fit in the PB?

Open Air PhotoBooths can capture groups up to 30 people with no problem. PhotoBooths with enclosed cab design provide capacity for smaller groups, those of whom fit into the interior space.

Is the PhotoBooth suitable for all ages?

Yes, it is. It is amazing to see how grandparents bring out their childlike spirits and children dressing up in costumes and props to make their pictures even more exciting. An attraction suitable for all ages that will create a real spectacle at any type of wedding or special event.

PhotoBooth Models:
What PhotoBooth should I choose?

You should choose the PhotoBooth more suited to your needs, taking into account installation, location and transport you will need. In addition you can choose the design that best fits with the style of your wedding whether you prefer a closed cabin or open air design.

The prices and rental time:
How long can I have the PhotoBooth?

The default services have a time limit of two hours, which is expandable during the event.

What if dates I need are not available?

If your wedding date is busy, you will be part of a waiting list in case there are any casualties or modification, or any other circumstance that allows us to offer you the service and we will inform you as soon as possible of any vacancy.

The payment:
What payment methods are?

Payment must be made by credit card.

Could guests pay to extend the use time of PhotoBooth during the event?

It will be possible to extend the usage time from the PhotoBooth the day of the event. Simply with a credit card you may extend the time.

Can I hold a date and pay later?

Yes, you can. You can make an order booking and pay later. The validity of the order prevails for 48 hours.

Give a present to the couple:
How to rent a PhotoBooth to give couple the wedding day?

PhotoBooth is the most original gift that bride and groom will thank the rest of their lives. Your will give away memories and good times.
To book a PhotoBooth just follow the website steps.

Is it an original gift?

A different, fun and very attractive gift. You will give away laughter, emotions, entertainment, good times and above all create good memories for the rest of their lives.

Is it possible decorating the PhotoBooth with photos of the couple?

PhotoBooth can be decorated with custom adhesives, making a nod to the couple. It is possible display photos of them on the screen and plays their favorite music.

Is it possible customizing the PhotoBooth screens?

Yes it is. The PhotoBooth is fully customizable (see customization section).