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It’s the best way to get unique photos. You can add your brand, design, illustration, names, event date or anything you can think of, it will look great on your photos, and you'll see it.
It definitely will be the best keepsakes from an unforgettable moment

This is a unique custom favor.


You have the ability to create your own designs and add a frame to the photo with the image of your event or message for your guests.

If your celebration is a wedding you can add related motif of this framework.

In the case of a PhotoBooth for the bride and groom for their wedding day, a good idea is to include messages on the frames, such as “cheers to the newlyweds!”.

If the PhotoBooth is for a birthday you can choose an appropriate design for the occasion like a birthday cake.

In the case of promotional events, it’s clear that customizing the frames with the image of the brand has a direct benefit for the company; it will be associated with a funny moment and be remembered forever.

As you can see, customizing the frames has endless possibilities, and lets you make exclusive photos and create a reminder for guests to take home.

Create unique photos for unforgettable days!

The strips and 4 by 6” photos have a reserved spot to type text. If the photo will be a favor it’s recommended to leave some text, with the name or date of the event, or whatever you want.
The photos are uploaded to The Cloud, from where they will be able to share by email, Facebook and Twitter, so you can use the lateral text, to introduce information about how to share the photos, and the address for accessing the Cloud, etc.

You can customize it by yourself, it's really easy.

Customize photos with the message you prefer!

The PhotoBooth’s screen or screens can be personalized with a welcome message with your brand, name, logo and photos. You can choose any design, color or text.

After the prints, you can set the screen to show a bye message.

While the PhotoBooth is not in the middle of a session, you can project your photos of guests; give great moments of when you were kids and the entire family, and obviously the photos that are taken during the event.

We're sure that you have a special song, a melody that you want to hear on your wedding day or just a lively song that motivates people to take photos and enjoy the present.

Your favorite song will play on the PhotoBooth during the event.

The Cloud is a virtual space where all your photos and videos will be saved during the event.
In this space you can view all captured material during the event and you can share via email and social networks (Facebook and Twitter), as well as having the ability to download digital files on any device.

The backup of your photos and videos are in good hands!

This space allows:
• Edit a title and date for the event
• Put a background with a color and personal design.
• Place a banner (with a message of thanks or photos) to link to any website you wish.
• Collect the opinions of guests at the event.
Download all the photos and videos taken even a fun animated gif that is mounted to capture the photo.
• Share on social networks photos and videos.

All guests have access to this space that you will customize to your liking through or scanning the QR code printed on each photo.

A whole experience worth capturing!