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Who Are We?

Best Rental PhotoBooth is a company that specializes in managing rentals of PhotoBooths for events.

We are Intermediaries between the end customer and network rental companies that offer their services. From Best Rental PhotoBooth we offer customers the most valuable packages found in the market.

All PhotoBooths are under the PhotoBooth Alliance brand with the guarantee seal by the experienced multinational.

Best Rental PhotoBooth was created in 2015 with the intention of providing consumers with a wide range of PhotoBooths adapted to any need that users may have. A wide range of PhotoBooths of different sizes, weights, open-air, enclosed cabs and different prices are available on our platform.

The mission of Best Rental PhotoBooth is to compare PhotoBooth rental services and offers on market under the label of PhotoBooth Alliance and offer to the customer the best results and the most competitive prices with the highest quality guaranteed. Aimed to an audience interested in organized events such as weddings, private parties, birthdays, graduations, promotional events, etc.

Offices and PhotoBooths pickup points are present throughout the USA, offices in all states that allow the rental in any zone where the event is held.

The differential factor of Best Rental PhotoBooth is that we offer the most competitive prices, a wide range of services and products, and professional PhotoBooths in the market sector for more than 17 years, with tested software and high quality printing, with the hallmark of PhotoBooth Alliance.

Best Rental PhotoBooth vision is aimed at being the leading search engine for PhotoBooths rentals. And by the end of 2015 it will extend the geographical coverage to Europe, where a boost is expected thanks to the boom in the PhotoBooth rental Industry.

The Company values are founded on a responsible business structure which is environmentally friendly and focused on entertainment at events and special celebrations for every culture globally. The PhotoBooths at Best Rental PhotoBooth are universal products, where culture isn’t a barrier for fun.

Try and enjoy it!